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Label Applicators and Dispensers

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The perfect finishing for your labels is better achieved by using MaQeo’s label dispensers and applicators.

Different devices for wide spectrum applications:
Label Applicators: for cylindrical (bottles, for instance) or flat objects.

Label Dispensers: automatic units, complete with high efficient infrared sensors or manual devices for helping any operator in his daily activities. 





  • Available for labeling 10”or 16” width cylindrical objects
  • 5”to 6” diameter
  • 20 pcs/minute
  • Also offered for labeling front and back
  • Fast and accurate
  • Used for bottles, cans, tubes or jars – even tapered items
  • Optional: waste re-winder (check availability)


Applicator FL

  • 16” width flat objects
  • Up to 1/4” thick
  • 16 pcs/minute
  • Used for envelopes, plastic bags (even with zipper), CD cases, PCBs, unfilled flexible packaging, etc
  • Adjustable guides for vertical placement and adjustable digital circuit for horizontal placement.





Dispenser AD

  • Available to support several different rolls versions:


  • Butt cut and die cut compatible
  • Infra-red sensor for perfect operation
  • Compatible  for multiple rows.

Dispenser M

  • Semi-automatic dispenser in three models: Maximum widths of  5.5”, 9.5” and 15.5” (minimum is 4”)
  • Heavy duty
  • For roll or fan-fold labels
  • Ideal for large diameter rolls and where constant speed is necessary – 6”/s advance
  • Infra-red sensor for perfect operation 




Dispenser SS

  • Manual multi roll label dispenser
  • Available in two different versions: up to 4” or up to 6 ¾”(minimum is 3⁄4”)
  • Dispense any number of different rolls (up to the maximum width)
  • Butt cut or die cut compatible 

Dispenser MN

  • Complete series of low cost/heavy duty manual dispensers
  • Maxim width in four models: 2.5”, 4.5”, 8.5” and 12.5”
  • Butt cut or die cut compatible 




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