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High speed, affordable digital label finisher!

Forget about expensive and complicated digital label finishers. The all New LF3 Pro from MaQeo Technologies, combines an easy to operate, high speed die cutter that includes lamination, die cutting, slitting  and rewinding in a compact and yet powerful label finisher matrix remover


Accurate and hassle free

With the exclusive dual mark tracking sensor system, a regular, jam free and accurate media feeding is guaranteed, either with inner edge or inner line.


Waste removal

The unique and revolutionary design, allows for a uniform roller rotating control, avoiding unstable pressure on waste removal, keep finishing labels clean and sharp.


Die cut module

The LF3 Pro comes with a state of the art die cut module, with servo motor driving, tungsten steel blade for a 2 meter per minute speed. You can design your labels in any format and shape and die cut in different media types, up to 1 mm thick.


Slitting module

The LF3 Pro is equipped with high precision rotary slitting blades – you can combine up to 15 blades, for a 60 meter per minute slitting speed.


Cold lamination

You can add cold lamination to your labels, for matt finish, protective or glossy appeatance.


LF3 Pro is the most complete label finisher

You can save a lot time and money as you won’t need expensive dies, which may take a few days once ordered. It is all digital, from your computer to the label finisher – any shape, format and quantity, increasing your efficiency. The unique servo digital cutting technology can use up to 4 blades at the same time for die-cutting labels, compared to other single blade equipment.



Max. media roller: Diameter 450 mm

Cutting media width: 40-320 mm

Max. cutting width: 310 mm

Min. label length: 10 mm

Max. label length: 440 mm

Cutting speed: Max. 5.5 m per minute (depend on label shape and size)

Cutting blades: 2 pcs (standard) max. 4 pcs

Slitting blades: 4 pcs (standard) max. 15 pcs

Die-cutting technology with tungsten steel rotary blades

Cutting precision: 0.05 mm (duplicate)

Cutting traking: Single mark or per minute

Slitting speed: Max. 60 m per minute

Slitting width: 10-310 mm

Slitting precision: 0.1 mm

Dimensions: 158(L) x 90(W) x 136(H) cm

Weight: 400kg

Power: 10-220 VAC, 1000 W

Warranty: 1 year (does not includ consumables)


  • Blades
  • Cutter head
  • Flat plate system
  • Edge waste removing system






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