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netfabb Professional is the advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb Professional improves your productivity by checking and repairing off build data, job optimization as well as quote creation. Quality control with netfabb prevents machine errors and enhances overall process reliability and efficiency.

Get started easily

netfabb software is user-friendly. Our large community speaks for itself.
With an extensive and clear documentation, we enable you to unleash your machine’s full potential.

The world’s most used file repair

Fix unprintable models and produce them with Additive Manufacturing: Adjust wall thickness, divide and combine parts efficiently, add features to your models with geometric shapes, pictures, and 3D text—even in full color.

Quickly find out if a job is profitable

Use the integrated analysis functions and identify production risks in advance. Increase the efficiency of your quoting process and send quotes to your customers faster than your competitors.

Increase printing efficiency

Let netfabb do the work for you: with automatic support generation and automatic packing you can minimize the effort and time spent on preparing parts and machines.



We are here to support you

With optional maintenance contracts and upgrade agreements you receive qualified support via email and phone as well as automatic updates to netfabb’s newest versions. We also offer convenient training courses- online, at netfabb HQ, or your desired location.

Use netfabb in the entire company

Does your company profit from quick access to all build data? netfabb Enterprise enables your entire organization to work with a common platform for professional handling of 3D files. Floating licenses, custom multi-license networks and server based workplace structures deliver tailored solutions to take Additive Manufacturing to the next level. Get your quote now!

netfabb software can be extended via several add-ons:

CAD Import:

Convert original CAD data inside netfabb Professional regardless which CAD program your client is using; With netfabb Professional you can import 20 leading CAD formats without conversion and translation errors at an incredible price. After converting the model, its buildability is checked, possible imperfections are repaired and the production is started. Meet your delivery deadlines without troubling engineers or customers about file conversion problems.

Automatic Packing:

For an efficient production, automatically arrange your objects or object groups as compactly as possible at the push of a button.

Automatic Support:

Utilize the limitless possibilities of Additive Manufacturing even for complex DLP, SLA and metal parts. Easy to use, customizable, cost efficient.

3S Invent:

An integrated developer kit featuring all functions of the Selective Space Structures (3S) software. Make your Additive Manufacturing machines capable of printing virtual materials.







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