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Have your own ‘mini’ factory

Print with a wide range of materials to create solid 3D objects. The proprietarydual-nozzle system can improve your print speeds by up to 300% letting youprint objects much faster than our competitors! The Automatic MaterialRecognition system saves time and effort with material information and printprofiles preloaded on each reel to let you start printing straight away! Automatic bed levelling ensures the bed is always perfectly flat for printing.

Give life to your imagination andproduce a lot of pieces

  • Prototypes and aesthetic models, architecture and usable 3D objects;
  • Print any 3d model. Commonly used .stl and .obj formats aresupported natively;
  • Educational props and science projects;
  • Your own unique design or variations on a design…. Thepossibilities are endless.



  • Printing technology: Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Layers resolution: 

Super = Up to 20 microns, 0.0007 in

High = 100 microns, 0.0039 in

Standard = 200 microns, 0.0078 in

Low = 300 microns, 0.0003 in


  • 3D object supports: Fully Automated, Easy to peel off.
  • Filament: 1,75mm PLA / ABS / HIPIS / PETG / CO-PET / Nylon.
  • Maximum size of construction: 210 x 190 x 100mm.



  • USB 2.0 port for workstation connectivity: withUSB device driver.


  • XZ-Head design: Provide stable and accurate printingenvironment.
  • Auto braces creation technology: Print floating 3D   object with auto support insertion.
  • Auto bed level calibration: Avoid complicated setup.
  • Ilumination by LED Full RGB: A lot of color options toilluminate the printing environment.
  • Lighting in the head print: Follow with details the printprocess of each layer.
  • Door locking: Prevents burns and interruptions


  • Free 3D Printer control software with printer file   in STL format.
  • Work with any 3D applications which can export   STL file format (3D Max, Maya, AutoCAD Autodesk®;   SketchUp; etc)
  • Compatibility with the software Windows 7+, MacOS X   1  0.6+ e Ubuntu Linux 12.04+


Electrical Requirements

  • AC Outlet requirements: 100/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz.
  • Printer electrical rating: 2,5 A.


Operating Environment

  • Room temperature: ~122°.
  • Injector: 518°F
  • Print surface: 150 – 212°F

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight in use: 8,4 Kg
  • Weight for shipping: ~10 Kg



  • RBX01 3D Printer;
  • 1 Reels of SmartReel Filament;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Automaker™ Software;
  • USB Flash Drive;
  • 2m USB A-B cable;
  • IEC C5 Power Cable;
  • Axis Lubricant;
  • Safety Guide;
  • Warranty Card;
  • Bed Wipes;
  • Tweezer;
  • Set of 4 Cleanup Tools






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