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We provide quality digital printers!

High-quality digital label and label printers for small and medium quantities with various printing technologies

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Cutting Machine


Printer Machine

Printer Machine


Enhance your label production with the efficiency of the CUT-SG1 Pro. Get yours now and experience precise cuts, with unparalleled versatility and performance!

Elevate your label production with the WR2R's advanced technology. Get yours now and enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality printing and unparalleled versatility!

Enjoy impeccable speed, accuracy and versatility in a single printer. Boost your production quickly and reliably by raising the standard of your printing operation now!

Printer WR2R Printer 300X Cutter CUT-SG1-Pro

A1 Pro

3D Printer


Cutting Machine

Printer Machine


Experience the 3D printing revolution with the A1 Pro. Unlock new creative possibilities and take your graphic production to the next level!

With unparalleled precision and versatility, increase your production efficiency. Don't waste time - get the CUT GX1 now and transform your graphic production!

Improve your marking with HIP42. Versatile and easy to use, it prints on different surfaces and has an intuitive interface. Simplify your booking processes!

3D Printer A1 Pro Cutter CUT-GX1 portable printer HIP42

LX 2000

Label Printer



3D Printer


The LX2000 Printer offers impressive print speed, allowing you to produce high-quality color labels quickly and efficiently.

Designed to deliver high-resolution prints with vibrant colors for product identification, the M860 offers an extremely low cost of ownership.

The RBX01 prints a variety of materials to create solid 3D objects, offering flexibility for a variety of projects.

Printer LX2000 Printer M860 3D Printer A1 Pro

Ultra AC1

Laser Label Cutter


Digital Printer



The Ultra AC-1's precise laser control allows for customizable cutting patterns in various materials, and its compact design fits into small spaces.

The WDTO Digital Printer offers direct printing on objects, with an Ethernet interface and support for multiple operating systems, simplifying the printing process.

The WSF is a digital label cutter, it cuts up to 30 sheets automatically, with quantity selection on the operation panel.

Cutter Ultra AC1 Printer WDTO Cutter WSF
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MaQeo Technologies

We produce digital label and printers with Laser LED, Memjet® e PageWide®, technology, cutters that cut with laser and knife, digital label finishers and lables with skeleton removal.

3D printers that print up to 1 meter high and accessories such as slitter and label dispensers.

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Our Products

Digital Printers, Cutters, Accessories and More

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Digital Printing

Quality digital printers for labels and tags are ideal for small and medium runs, offering versatility and efficiency with advanced printing technologies for high-resolution output and vibrant colors.

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Digital Cutting ​

Additionally, they come equipped with state-of-the-art digital cutters, offering precision cutting options such as laser cutting and knife cutting, along with automated scrap removal mechanisms.

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Accessories and Supplies​

Label applicators, rewinders, slitter, dye and pigment inks, toners. ABS, PLA, textured filaments for 3D printers, ribbons for cold and heated platforms and much more.

Open your own business

Buying a printer could be the first step towards opening your own business.

With it, you can create a variety of personalized materials, such a business cards and labels, openig doors to venture into graphic design and crafts.

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