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Professional Cutter Excellence with Reliable Performance.

WSF is a digital label cutter that inaugurates the sheet label cutting segment at MaQeo Technologies. This equipment is capable of cutting up to 30 sheets with a maximum area of ​​483x329mm to be cut into sequence automatically with quantity selection predetermined on the operation panel. Ideal to be used in conjunction with the WSF label printer.

The cutter also has a Serial, USB input; to be connected to the USB output of the your computer and U DISK that makes it possible to work with your cutter without the help of a computer (stand-alone), thus just set cropping settings directly in the panel using the selection buttons and the LCD panel.

You can work with WSF at your office desk for be a compact, robust, easy-to-operate and little maintenance. Receive your orders and start working at the same instant. Comes with a large metal platform for output of cut sheets, with the possibility of working with or without this part.

Some Advantages of the WSF cutter

Easy to Use and Configure 

Simplicity reigns when editing files in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. Just follow three simple steps: open the “A4/A3 Frame cdr” template file, insert the desired images and print. Creating the cut file is even easier: load the file into the Mcut software, define the settings and save it as “*.apl”. Then just load the SD card into the WCUT SF and you’re done.

Editing Cut Lines Simplified 

When editing cut lines in CorelDraw, the process is equally hassle-free. Simply create the contour cut based on the image, delete or hide unwanted marks and images, and export the file as “*.plt”. With these three simple steps, you are ready to print.

Autonomous and Efficient Operation 

The WSF operates autonomously thanks to its integrated SD card reader. With the capacity to feed 25 to 30 sheets, it guarantees efficiency even in large printing batches. Furthermore, its dual high-pressure shaft and direct link to the air conveyor ensure smooth and precise operation.

Versatility and Reliability 

The cutter offers exceptional versatility, allowing you to print on a variety of materials, such as metal and plastic, thanks to its quick-drying ink. Furthermore, its robustness and ease of handling guarantee a reliable and efficient printing experience in any production environment.

In conclusion, WSF represents a breakthrough in MaQeo Technologies’ digital label cutting segment. With the ability to cut up to 30 sheets automatically, it is ideal for high-demand operations. Its compatibility with the WST printer and standalone operation capability make it a versatile and efficient solution. Simplify your label cutting process with WSF for accurate, consistent results.

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