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Ultra AC1

Laser Label Cutter and Finisher: The Ultimate Solution for your Production

As the laser can set up the degree of cutting by fine control of intensity and speed, labels can be cut in various patterns in the medium desired by users. Ultra AC1 does not require a large space. It can be installed in a small space and cutting can be done whenever necessary.

In cutting labels, necessary information such as barcodes, numbering, QR codes, date and time can be directly marked on the labels through an exclusive software program.

Cutting can be performed at precise locations through a small laser beam and a vision system. In addition, consistent levels of label quality can be guaranteed by minimizing the errors that occur during cutting.

Some Advantages of the Ultra AC1 cutter

Life of laser  

The Ultra AC1, known as Life of Laser, stands out for its remarkable durability and economy. With the ability to be used daily for up to 3 hours over 10 years, this machine eliminates the need for consumables, resulting in a long-term economical option for its users.

Exclusive Software 

Equipped with exclusive software, the Ultra AC1 offers several additional features, such as full and semi-cuts, sheet cutting, marking, QR codes, barcodes and numbering. A versatile machine that allows you to meet a variety of cutting and marking needs with efficiency and precision.

CO2 Laser Source 

The ability to precisely cut paper and film is enabled by the CO2 laser source (10.57 – 10.63 µm) integrated into the Ultra AC1. This technology provides precise and consistent results, making it an ideal choice for projects that require cutting precision and quality.

Efficient Cooling System 

Equipped with an air cooling system, the Ultra AC1 does not require separate cooling devices. This feature not only simplifies its operation, but also makes it suitable for small spaces, allowing it to be used in a variety of environments without compromising its efficiency or performance.

In short, the Ultra AC1 offers durability, efficiency and versatility for laser cutting and marking. With continuous operation for up to 10 years, a variety of features such as precise cutting and marking, plus its compact design, it is a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

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