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Have your own mini factory with RBX01

Print a wide range of materials to create 3D solid objects with the RBX01. Whether plastic, metal or other compatible material, its diverse printing capability gives you the flexibility to undertake a variety of projects.

Equipped with a dual printing nozzle system, the RBX01 can increase your printing speed by up to 300%. This means you can print faster than ever, saving valuable time on your projects.

With the automatic material recognition system, you save time and effort. All material and printer profile information is pre-loaded onto each reel, allowing you to start printing immediately. Plus, automatic platform leveling ensures your print is always aligned and ready to produce accurate results.

Some Advantages of the RBX01 Printer

Application Versatility 

An excellent tool for educational and scientific purposes. From educational accessories to science projects, this printer offers a versatile platform for exploring complex concepts and promoting hands-on learning.


Compatibility with Various Formats 

Print any 3D model in .stl and .obj formats with ease using the RBX01. This compatibility ensures you can work with a variety of design files, allowing you to turn your ideas into reality with precision and ease.

Educational and Scientific Support 

The RBX01 is a valuable tool not only for creative projects, but also for educational and scientific purposes, offering a versatile platform for exploring complex concepts and promoting hands-on learning.

Endless Design Possibilities 

With the RBX01, you can bring your own unique design to life or explore variations on existing models. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to experiment and create according to your imagination and specific needs.

RBX01 is a versatile, accurate and easy-to-use 3D printer suitable for a wide range of applications. Compatible with multiple file formats and capable of printing a variety of materials, it is an affordable and effective tool for professionals, educators and enthusiasts to transform their ideas into three-dimensional reality.

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