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Precision and Versatility in Professional Equipment

A cutting machine that can be used for a variety of purposes, including cutting fabric, paper, vinyl and other materials. It is especially popular among craft enthusiasts, graphic designers, and professionals who work with flexible materials.

With the CUT GX1, you can accurately and quickly cut a wide variety of materials, from stickers and labels to sewing fabrics and decorative vinyl. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily configure the type of material to be cut and the desired dimensions, providing consistent, high-quality results.

CUT-GX1 is the affordable, innovative label die cutting solution in the industry. It combines the newest technology with easy to use, stand alone operation for short runs and production without expensive dies or tools.

Some Advantages of the CUT-GX1 cutting

Digital Design 

It’s possible to turn your digital designs into reality. Whether creating logos, t-shirt prints, or intricate patterns, this machine’s cutting precision ensures your designs are reproduced perfectly.


Digital Print 

Complement your digital printing with the CUT GX1 to precisely cut labels, stickers or promotional materials. The perfect integration between digital printing and cutting guarantees high quality results and efficiency in your production.

Digital Cut 

The CUT GX1 offers accurate and fast digital cutting, allowing customization of a wide variety of materials, from vinyl and fabric to paper and cardboard. Its cutting capabilities are ideal for custom projects and mass productions efficiently.

Superior Label Quality 

You can create labels of exceptional quality. Whether for commercial or artisanal products, the cutting precision and versatility of this machine guarantee high-quality labels that impress customers and partners.

With the CUT GX1, you have access to a powerful tool that combines precision, versatility and quality in a single piece of equipment. From digital design to precise cutting and superior label production, the CUT GX1 is the ideal choice for professionals seeking exceptional results. Simplify your production process and raise the quality standard of your projects with the CUT GX1. Invest in excellence and take your creativity to new heights. Get in touch today to find out how the CUT GX1 can transform your production.

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