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With the specially designed rotary adapter, the digital printing possibilities have been significantly expanded. Rotax enables printing on a wide variety of cylindrical objects, with diameters ranging from 41mm to 127mm and heights up to 279mm. It is now possible to print on objects such as beer and wine glasses, cups, candles, tubes, cans, tanks, vases, awards and much more, whether they are cylindrical or conical. Rotax offers efficiency and precision in cylindrical printing, both in white and color.

To meet customers’ specific needs, the ink configuration offers two options: CMYK + 4x White or CYMK + 2x White + 2x Gloss. Additionally, the new TurboJet UV ink, available for the new Azon Razor Hale, dramatically improves print quality, ensuring vibrant, colorful prints on a variety of materials including stone, glass, wood, plastic and canvas, both for indoor use. as external.

The versatility of white ink as a base for the high-density CMYK layer provides unusual and creative textures on all materials, further expanding the possibilities for creation and customization. With Rotax and TurboJet UV ink, you can create high-quality prints on a wide range of objects, bringing your ideas to life in a vibrant and expressive way.

Some Advantages of the WDTO printer


With compact dimensions of 1450 mm x 820 mm x 1110-1310 mm and a weight of 140 kg, it optimizes space in the work environment. Robust and compact structure offers stability and durability.


The WDTO Digital Printer has an Ethernet interface with automatic switching, ensuring stable connectivity. Compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 7.

Technology and Resolution 

It uses inkjet printing technology with Micro Piezo Head, providing resolution of up to 2880 DPI. It guarantees sharp and detailed results, meeting the most demanding quality demands.


Uses CMYK + W or CMYK + WG ink for direct printing on objects. Equipped with an integrated ink drying unit and UV LED lamp, it guarantees fast and efficient drying. 500ml UV LED ink bottles provide vibrant, long-lasting colors.

The WDTO Digital Printer offers an advanced and versatile solution for printing directly onto objects. With its Ethernet interface and support for multiple operating systems, it provides a simplified printing experience. Its high-resolution technology and compact design guarantee accurate results, while its quality ink and integrated drying unit guarantee vibrant, long-lasting colors. Whether for rapid prototyping or product customization, the WDTO Digital Printer is the ideal choice for those looking for efficiency and quality when printing directly on objects.

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