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Label Applicators and Dispensers

Save time and money with MaQeo’s label dispensers and applicators



The printer is available in two different widths, 10 inches or 16 inches, for cylindrical objects. With a diameter range of 0.5 to 8 inches, this printer can handle a variety of container sizes. With an impressive rate of up to 1200 parts per hour, it is capable of labeling both the front and back of the object simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Designed to deliver fast, accurate results, it is especially suitable for labeling bottles, cans, tubes or jars – including tapered items. An additional option includes a waste rewinder, subject to availability. Additionally, a foot control is provided to increase productivity in high-demand environments.

Applicator FL

The printer is available in a 16-inch width for flat objects. Capable of handling objects up to 1/4 inch thick, this printer has a production rate of up to 1000 parts per hour. It applies labels to envelopes, plastic bags (including zippers), CD cases, PCBs, unfilled flexible packaging, among others. It features adjustable guides for vertical positioning and an adjustable digital circuit for horizontal positioning, ensuring precise application to a variety of flat items.


Dispenser AD

The printer is highly versatile, supporting multiple roll versions, including straight and die cuts. Its intelligent design incorporates an infrared sensor to ensure seamless operation, maintaining accuracy throughout the labeling process. Furthermore, it is capable of handling multiple queues, which expands its application capacity and makes it ideal for a wide range of products. These combined features provide an efficient and reliable solution to labeling needs across a variety of industries.

Dispenser M

The semi-automatic dispenser is available in three different models, capable of handling widths of up to 5.5 inches, up to 9.5 inches and up to 15.5 inches (with a minimum of 4 inches). Designed for heavy-duty use, it is suitable for rolls or accordion-folded labels. Ideal for large diameter rolls and situations requiring constant speed (up to 6 inches per second), this dispenser offers robust performance in industrial environments. Equipped with an infrared sensor to ensure perfect operation, it provides a reliable solution for a wide variety of labeling applications.

Dispenser SS

The manual multi-roll label dispenser is available in two distinct versions: one with capacity for rolls up to 4 inches wide and the other for rolls up to 6¾ inches (with a minimum of ¾ inch). This versatile device allows the distribution of any number of different rolls, as long as they do not exceed the maximum supported width. Compatible with straight or die cuts, it offers flexibility in applying a variety of label types. This functionality makes it a convenient and efficient choice for a variety of labeling needs in commercial or industrial environments.

Dispenser MN

The complete series of low-cost, high-strength manual dispensers offers a versatile solution for a variety of labeling needs. Available in four different models, with maximum widths of 2.5 inches, 4.5 inches, 8.5 inches and 12.5 inches, these dispensers fit a wide range of label sizes. Compatible with straight or die cuts, these devices offer flexibility in label application and are ideal for commercial and industrial environments that require consistent durability and performance.

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